Guyana Suriname Updates

Exploration and Production Onshore – Power Systems

In addition, we address the onshore power generation and distribution systems. In both countries, development of the energy grid is at its inception. The onshore energy maps, distribution and transport systems, along with the carbon capture inventory (afforestation) for both countries is a potential game changer.

The world is emerging from the two-year pandemic.

The hydrocarbon energy business has been under siege before, during, and after the pandemic.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated the supply side difficulties and environmental concerns.

Global uncertainty has escalated the Oil and Gas price and demand is haphazard.

ABIS Launched the Guyana Playbook Q1 2021, the Suriname Playbook Q2 2022. It’s time to revisit and update.

The principal content is E&P.

Energy Transition – Net Zero – Energy Security are key entry points for investment

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