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The ABIS team consists of professionals who have served in Oil and Gas E&P, Research Consultancies, Legal Practice and Academic Institutions.

ABIS has earned a reputation for gaining unrivalled insights and access from our global network, hard-to-reach investors and political audiences.

Working closely with Industry our team researches, stakeholder value, perceptions, clients’ operations and investment strategies to deliver maximum value for all of the Community.

ABIS mission is to deliver in-depth market and stakeholder analyses to help clients solve complex business and supply chain problems.

Our Partners

Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance (ACREEF) Professor Alex Kemp, Petroleum Economics, Carbon Capture and Storage.

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The ABIS consulting team is dedicated to serving clients across every segment of the Energy Market, utilising our research and analysis capabilities to provide strategic commercial value for all stakeholders.

We work with a wide-range of participants, Industry, Community, Policy Development, Environmental Agencies, striving to enhance their positions and secure greater future certainty.

Our clients include E&P Operators seeking to rationalise portfolios and capital commitments, the Global Supply Chain and Service Sector under pressure to do more for less.

Governments looking to protect budgets whilst at the same time offering fiscal terms generous enough to attract new inward investment.

Our clients benefit from the team’s relationships with key influencers to seize opportunities, manage crises, navigate market disruptions, articulate brands, stake a competitive position, and preserve a client’s integrity and operations. Where companies:

Remain competitive in a volatile commodity price environment

Endure the most testing environment in a generation

Manage reduced Cashflow and Capital Investment

Have pressure from investors to improve returns

When looking to improve the performance of operations, find a new competitive edge, launch a product, enter a market, or increase revenues, a consultant with expertise in your sphere of operations can bring a uniquely valuable perspective.

ABIS will conduct opinion and perception audits, full market due diligence, engagement with local, regional, and global decision-makers to secure the best environment for our clients. Our promise is to make our client messaging as clear and concise as possible.

ABIS Energy (Guyana) Inc
Guyana Energy (Guyana) Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABIS Holdings Energy Services Ltd, incorporated in Georgetown Guyana;
Company Registration number 9912
Registered Office
61-62 Hadfield and Cross Streets
Georgetown Guyana
Principal Operating Officer
Mr Hamley Case CCH
Email h.case@abisenergy.com
Telephone +(592) 675 1801

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