Energy Economics Research and Analysis

Petroleum Economics is a vital component in the oil and gas industry that informs investment and business decisions. At ABIS, we provide economic modelling and analysis to support and augment our client’s decision-making process. Our network of associates delivers analytical, technical and legal expertise. We understand the complex challenges faced during exploration and development of producing facilities, we interconnect these concerns to the supply chain enabling us to develop reliable technical forecasts of products and services for the oilfield.

ABIS has developed the Dynamic Economic Model (DEM). This is a screening tool that can model Late Life Assets. Assets that may be subject to Investment. DEM is a Due Diligence Economics Tool that manipulates operations and lifting costs, factors in product price and mimics return on capital invested over a 1, 3- or 5-year period.

Current research with our partner ACREEF in Petroleum Economics using financial and econometric models includes the economics of exploration and development of UK oil and gas supplies including gas storage.

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