ABIS Energy Ltd Francis J Kiernan Joins Guernica 37 Barristers Chambers



Francis J Kiernan: Associate Member G37

I have joined Guernica 37, Barristers Chambers.

Guernica 37 Chambers, established in 2016, is a specialist Barristers’ Chambers that brings together barristers and international practitioners and has a proven record of implementing pioneering legal strategies around the globe. 

Guernica 37 Chambers is located at Temple, Inns of Court, London, has offices in Madrid, The Hague and San Francisco.

Francis J Kiernan is an International Business Executive with over 30 years’ experience in the Global Commercial Energy Market. Educated in Ireland, the UK and the US, Francis is a Burgess of the City of Aberdeen, a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Design and a Member of the Institute of Directors.

Recently recognised by the Global Publication CEO Magazine as CEO of the Year, Mr Kiernan brings a wealth of knowledge to his interface with Business and Commerce, Politics and Economics and the Social Environmental Issues of the day.


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