ABIS Energy to undertake a 3 week business trip to Suriname & Guyana

F J Kiernan ABIS Energy MD is about to undertake a 3 week business trip to Suriname & Guyana, then onwards to Houston Texas where he will attend OTC.

Week 31

Mr Kiernan will start the trip in Paramaribo Suriname where his visit is being hosted by Staatsolie the National Oilco. The Suriname visit is a fact-finding trip, meeting the participants, reviewing facilities and talking to the IoC’s as the region gears up to Deepwater Development. It is the intention, in partnership with Energy Voice, to publish a Suriname Playbook in September 2021

Week 32

Mr Kiernan will return to Georgetown Guyana after an absence of some 15 months. The advent of COVID, the protocol and travel restrictions, have severely curtailed travel to the region. When in Guyana Mr Kiernan will meet with the incoming UK High Commissioner Jane Miller.  It is also hoped to broker meetings with the post-election political establishment.  Mr Kiernan will meet with the IOC’s the Tier 1’s and the principals of the local business establishment. Mr Kiernan’s visit to Guyana is being hosted by Hamley Case CCH, Chairman ABIS Energy Guyana Ltd

Week 33

The final leg of the trip is to Houston where a delayed OTC is scheduled to start the week of the 16th August. This an opportunity to meet clients, IOC’s and NOC’s and industry colleagues. Mr Kiernan will take the opportunity to meet with Mayor Sylvester Turner during his time in Houston Texas.

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