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Professor Andrew Hurst the University of Aberdeen, Heikki Jutila; Phoenix RDS Director, Dr Theo Acheampong; Consultant, Research Fellow the University of Aberdeen, Professor Alex Kemp; the University of Aberdeen,Barney Crockett; Aberdeen Lord Provost, Rory Somerset Phoenix RDS Director, F J Kiernan; ABIS Energy Managing Director, Mr Bobby Gossai; Consultant, PhD Student the University of Aberdeen, Brian Archer; Consultant

ABIS held its most recent business forum at the Dutch Mill in Aberdeen on Wednesday 6th November 2019.

This is a periodic event, was the occasion to celebrate the birthday of Professor Kemp and the appointment of Dr Theo Acheampong to Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. We were also pleased to welcome the Aberdeen Lord Provost Barney Crockett and Councillor Ryan Houghton.

Phoenix RDS and ABIS Energy have entered into a partnership arrangement. Phoenix RDS is a specialist Sub Surface upstream consultancy.   Phoenix RDS is a specialist upstream oil and gas, subsurface consultancy, providing a full range of subject matter expertise. Through immersion in technology, innovation and fundamental engineering practices they develop and deliver optimised reservoir solutions for the full life cycle of oil and gas developments. This occasion was the 1st formal opportunity for Phoenix RDS to join with the group.

Brian Archer joined the group having recently uncoupled from Burness Paull.

The ABIS Group is engaged in the UK Houston and Guyana in South America. The projects constitute a variety of subject matter from engineering projects in Guyana to strategy and market research for the North Sea.

ABIS has incorporated ABIS Energy Guyana Inc and Phoenix RDS Guyana Inc. We are helping to facilitate access to funds for a small-cap non-operated Oilco in Guyana. We are looking to build an inspect maintain and repair OCTG facility in Guyana.


Transition seems to be the elephant in every room at the present. Its entered the mainstream is in newspaper editorials, main news platforms and has found its way into the AGM’s of the biggest Opco’s. “Australian Heath Joske spoke to shareholders of the Norwegian firm Equinor at its AGM in the city of Stavanger” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50221505

On the 10th October, John Gapper wrote in the FT “Big Oil should rebel against its customers”.

When, why and how is the energy transition going to happen? And what role will oil and gas play in the developing decarbonisation game as the energy disruptors make their moves? What happens when the disruptors are sovereign governments?

Who are the opinion-makers?

The most influential opinion-makers, electoral constituents, in this area are the 18 to 35-year-olds, the very same group that finds it hard to enter the polling station. For the UK, for instance, this represents just under 50% of the electorate. For this group, Global warming environmental Armageddon real or imagined is a real big deal.

Public Service Pension Funds Sovereign Wealth Funds represent  $22.9 trillion held globally. A recent survey has indicated that you’ve guessed it, Global warming environmental Armageddon real or imagined is a real big deal. In fact, fund managers are being directed to support or change corporate positions.

Francis J Kiernan says; I have been to a number of events sponsored by the great and the good of the Oil and Gas industry, all worthy and of high quality. However, the narrative very quickly comes around to tech, doing it better faster, cheaper, discovering more of producing more of it etc.

Currently, Oil and Gas Companies spend 1% of their CAPEX working with transition?



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